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IRC Clients Description  Format Size
PIRCH (32 bit)   Executable 1.01 MB
PIRCH (16 bit)   Executable 816 KB
PIRCH98   ZIP Archive 1.67 MB (1.73MB Unzipped)


Multimedia Description  Format Size
Spotify v0.9.14.13 Known to work on Windows 2000 & XP Executable 34.4 MB


Utilities & Screensavers Description  Format Size
WinRAR 4.20   Executable 34.4 MB
Cool School 1.46   Executable 729 KB


MyPal Description  Format Size
Final Release (x86)   Executable 32 MB
Final Release (x64)   Executable 37 MB
Full Release Directory Includes all releases and language packs

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